Block Captains,
The Heart of PCA

We plan to accomplish this by mobilizing captains from every block in Pennsport, who are willing to devote their time, energy and talents, to address issues that concern our residents. Issues like housing and business development, litter and graffiti, abandoned properties, crime, and caring for our community's children are at the top of everyone's list. These are the issues that affect the quality of our life and have the greatest impact on our daily lives. They are also issues over which a well organized, thoughtful organization can exert control.

At the center of the Friends of Pennsport organization will be the Block Captain membership. Our intent is to develop a system in which every block within Pennsport's boundaries has at least one active member. Block Captains will be responsible for transmitting the neighbors concerns to the community and relaying issues of interest to block members, and as a Block Captain you will be a part of the solutions to Pennsport's problems.

Being a Block Captain will be the most important role for the betterment of Pennsport. Based on individual interest, Block Captains will be asked to sit on committees designed to tackle specific problems. Captains will be asked to devote a few hours a month directing neighborhood improvement. Activities may range from distributing flyers, making telephone calls, organizing neighborhood participation, and attending Pennsport membership meetings.

Current Block Captains

Andrea Russell
Anthony Brocco
Bill Brown
Bonnie Close
Carrie Brogenicht
Claire McCann
Colleen Navin
Dan Stefanowicz
Dianne Mayer
Donald Dougherty
Donna Collins
Ed Meitinger
Edward Smith
Eileen Scherer
Fran Kelly
Fran Somenski
Glen Baranowski
Jack VanSkiver, Jr.
James Aros
James Quinn
Jeanne Zatavesky
Jill Pakech
Jim Miller
Joe McCormick
John Coney
Joyce Migliarese
Karen Lemba
Karen Pivoroff
Kathleen Duffy
Kurt Beier
Lee Zollo
Lisa Grivnovics
Mark Averill
Mark Reilly
Mark Hurst
Mary Hand
Mary Lou Hogan
Michael Ford
Michele Killian-Perez
Mike Connell
Noelle Beaumont
Pat Fratantuono
Pat Meron
Patrick Graven
Paulette Kelly
Rene Goodwin
Robert Eels
Sally Daly
Sissy McGinn
Susan Bachich
Susan Crean
Thomas Moock
Thomas Nicolo
Thomas Otto
Thorn Lafaeice
Tomi Dougherty
Tony Lewandowski

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