General Meetings

Every 2nd Wednesday at 7pm - EOM Bldg. 138 Moore St.

The regular general meetings will be held in order to give members of Friends of Pennsport the opportunity to share ideas and concerns, to make announcements, to develop a sense of community, and to reach consensus on the issues that affect Pennsport. During the meetings members will have opportunity to ask questions and make comments. We request that you keep certain things in mind.

One of the shortcomings of other organizations is that they meet only in response to a crisis – for example, a sudden increase in crime. Our hope is to have such a highly developed organization that few issues require such ad hoc attention. If community members have a way of reporting issues and organization designed to address those issues, no one should be in the situation where they have to act without careful consideration. More importantly, if that same organization gains a reputation for thoughtful and careful attention to issues, hard work, dedication and activism, city officials will respond positively to that organization. This is the hope for Friends of Pennsport. When you attend a meeting, realize that you are the leadership, and that you-are part of an organization that is bent on achieving long term and lasting success in the city of Philadelphia.



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